In our life…why do we feel like we need to have so many things?

Appearance, career, money…

Well, I had everything.

My name was white, a graduate from medical school and who’s likely to get a promotion at my job soon. I was sure I would be the Chief Medical Officer soon. I was born in a well-off family with both of my parents as a doctor so I hoped to be the same as them.

Finally, I became a doctor just as I had wished for and I loved my job very much. I could help people now.

I also had a fiancé who came from a well-off family just like me.

I used to think  that I had everything until…

I saw him… kissing with my best friend on the reunion day.

“I’m sorry, white…I…”

Ah, you didn’t have to say anything. I could already guess what you two had been doing behind my back.

And what?

I didn’t feel hurt at all, not even a bit. My head just…blanked.

I could only think that ’you have been cheating on me, huh’

‘’I think we should break up.’’ I told him.

My life was already good that even if I didn’t have a person like you in my life, it wouldn’t affect me in the least bit. I always had a reason for every decision that I made and I wasn’t so low to be with an ‘animal-in-mating-season’ like you.

“I can explain this. Sunny and I, we weren’t doing anything…”

So a kiss didn’t count as doing anything. YOU JERK!

“Wait a minute, you already have me. You can’t leave me like this and you even told me that you don’t even love this ‘plain-as-a-tofu’ woman.”

“No! White, you are mistaken. I love you so much.”

I thought you like my money more than me.

“Enough already…I’m tired to say this again. I caught you red handed like this and you still have the courage to lie straight to my face. We should treat our engagement as a thing that will never going to happen. Oh!, I will send the betrothal’s gift to your house later.”

I walked away thinking that I couldn’t take it anymore.

I didn’t feel a thing.

Not even one bit.

I was thinking that backing off was a right thing to do. It’s the best way out.

“White, wait for me please!”

I didn’t hear anything. Quickened my step,  I stopped at the crossroad and waited for the traffic light to change.


I suddenly fell down by this mysterious force behind my back. When I got a glimpse of something by instinct, I could see my best friend standing right there. Someone who had been friends with me for a long time.

Why, I had already backed off. What did you want more from me?




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Hi, thank you for reading this. First, I should tell you the purpose of this blog and that is to help me improve my writing skill as you can see that you will spot grammatical error everywhere or wrong choice of vocabulary. Some of you will say “why don’t you get yourself an editor and learn from them” but I want to edit and proofread it by myself before that (Noted that English is my second language). My English are not that good but I hope I will get better at it. See you next chapter!


31 thoughts on “Prologue

    1. Regret? More like murder charge, and if she is preggers like I think she is…. the baby will probably be a miscarriage due to fiction karma and the ex-fiancee will probably be hunted by her parents because his side piece axed their daughter….the ex-best friend will also be hunted down (k-drama has taught me angry parents with dead children are close to psychopathic kdrama title: Unni is Alive, character name: Sandara Park) 😛

      (to think….if this was a year ago, I would have never typed terms like side piece…. I have grown up :’3)

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  1. Ah I hate that sort of scenario, you get some bitch face betrayer who is your “bestie” then that bitch decides to fuck you over, does shit to undermine everything youve done, is so jealous that her final coup de grâce is to end you by a killing blow, these maggoty types never get whats coming to them, I utterly loathe them. Its either some nice to your face but stab your back bitches I hate the most.. Author san please give us a revenge on that shitty cow that isnt the “Dont get revenge just live a good life…” bitch please that shit just took it!!

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  2. Looks good so far. Thanks for picking this up for practice.

    Also, story wise, i really wanna know the best friend motives.

    Was it jealousy? Or the fact mc wasnt fazed at all.


  3. The story looks interesting. The “best friend” is obviously a lying bitch and forced a kiss on her fiance. I think you should read more English novels to improve your grammar


    1. I have been reading a lot of English novels these past years( you can tell me that I’m addicted to it lol) I think i’m in need of practice and I should learn about it along the way but thank you for your suggestion.


    2. If the best friend was the only one lying, he would not start out with a “I’m sorry, white…I…”
      There should have been nothing to be sorry for if it wasn’t his fault 😛


  4. Can you please fix these grammatical mistakes:
    1) “get promote at my job” — “get promoted​ at my job”
    2) “Being born in a well-off family with both of my parents as a doctor so I hope to be the same as them.” — “I was born in a well-off family and both of my parents were doctors so I also hope to be the same as them”
    3) “Even in love” — “I am also even in love”
    4) “kissed with my best friend” — “kissing with my best friend”
    5) “with the ‘animal-in-mating-season’ ” — “with an ‘animal-in-mating-season’ ”
    6) “caught you red hand” — “caught you red handed”
    7) “should treat our betroth” — “should treat our engagement”
    8) “that back-off is a right thing” — “that backing off is a right thing”
    9) “but when I get a glimpse of something by instinct.” — “but I got a glimpse of something by instinct.”
    10) “has been friend with” — “has been friends with”
    11) “I have already back off” — “I have already backed​ off”


  5. Finally, I bec[a]me a doctor just as I [had dreamed of] and I love my job very much. I help people and do many things for the sake of other people.
    I also have even [fallen] in love, a fiancé who comes from a well-off family just like me.


  6. Forgive me if I double posted this, but when I tried to post this the first time, I had to log in. So I don’t know if it deleted my comment or not.

    …why do we feel the need to have many things? —> …why do we feel the need to have so many things?
    (“many things” is technically correct. But, most native English speakers would add a ‘so’ because adding a ‘so’ intensifies the “many things,” and White is trying to communicate that people want a huge amount of things)

    Appearance, career, money…—–> Beauty, career, money
    (You do not “have appearance,” so saying “why do we need to HAVE so many things,” and then following it with things that grammatically cannot be “had” doesn’t make sense. You cannot “have career” either (you have A career, you need an ‘a’ or another indefinite article before it), but there are no words I can think of that mean career that can be used without an ‘a’ before it.)

    My name is white—–> My name is White
    (names are capitalized)

    a person who graduated from medical school and soon to get promoted at my job —-> There are two ways you could fix this: a person who is graduated from medical school and soon to get promoted at my job OR a person who graduated from medical school and will soon to get promoted at my job.
    (I can’t explain this too well, but think of the sentence like this: a person who [graduated from medical school] and [soon to get promoted at my job]. You should be able to reverse the two parts in the brackets and for it to still make sense. But, “a person who soon to get promoted at my job” doesn’t make sense. In order for it to be clear that the promotion is in the future, you need to add a verb.)

    I become a doctor just as I wish —> I became a doctor just as I wished
    (She isn’t still becoming a doctor, she already became a doctor, so become needs to be in past tense. Also, wish can either be a noun or a verb. In this case it’s a verb, so it needs to be “wished,” because wishing is something that happens at one point in time and isn’t continuous (if it’s continuous, then it is the noun version). Think of someone throwing a coin in a wishing well, they throw the coin, it lands, they make a wish, then the event is over.)

    I also have even in love —-> I even have a fiance whom I love
    (I also don’t know have to explain this, but in English you don’t “have in love,” you can “have love,” but most people wouldn’t say that.)

    I used to think that I have everything —> I used to think that I had everything
    (Past tense)

    My head just…blank. —> My head is just…blank
    (Every sentence needs a verb to be complete)

    I know this is a lot of edits, but I just want to say that you did an awesome job with everything else (you even used “affect” correctly which I don’t even know how to do).


  7. thanks!
    well, i like that she backed out! there are lots of fish in the sea, ok! no girl needs a cheating bugger! also, all the best in improving your english!


    1. Her name is really ‘White’ because if author want to name her ‘Shiro’, she could name this character since the first chapter.


      1. Lol I see. I guess it’s really chuunibyou then xDDD at least her new name isn’t so cringey. And I’m glad I don’t have to read that name for too long =u=


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