Villain heal chapter 4

Three years passed by in a blink of an eye.

I was five years old now.

After the stunt,  my parent finally made up with each other, but I had to receive a punishment. My mother banned me from a sweet for one week. It’s a bit too cruel as I liked to eat a sweet, but it wasn’t that hard considering It’s only one week. I could do another thing such as going to the library, so I wouldn’t crave for it that much.

I also had a good new. Well, I finally had a brother.

I was very happy because I could finally push all my burden about being an heir to my brother. I would strive toward my goal to become a doctor!

Good job! Father.

My father had been hiring many tutors to teach me for this past three years. He thought I was clever than an average children as he saw me reading many books. However, each tutor couldn’t teach me more than one week. They had nothing to teach me more than that. I  learnt a lot faster than normal, because I wasn’t a child. I had already finished learning all the etiquette, dance, basic knowledge, advanced knowledge, and music.

They had been flattering me as a genius, but under their mask, I believed they’re hidden their jealousy. They think I wouldn’t see right pass their mask. I smiled at them innocently and told them that they’re very good at teaching. Well, I was just a child, wouldn’t it be better if I acted like one to charm adults?

“Shiwa, I have something to talk with you.”

My father suddenly brought up a topic during breakfast. I sat near him at first, but recently my father has sat near mother all the time leaving me to sit across from them. They’re sitting so close together. It almost to the point I was pretty sure they’re sharing the chair together. Well, It didn’t matter anyway.

I had been sitting near my brother, Shio. He had just turned 2 years old. He still had a problem speaking unlike me but that’s normal for a kid his age. He was a little shy and quiet.


“I think you are tired because of studying in these past three years. Today, I want to take you to the palace. Isn’t it good?”

Took me to the palace = debuted into noble society, right?

I thought the tutors have been spreading the rumors about me around the country. I did’t care about them because it’s not a bad thing. My parent was also getting a praise so, I didn’t do anything about it.

But…to go to the palace. I had to meet my enemy.

What to do? I didn’t want to go there.

“N-No, I would rather stay home with mother. Mother still has to take care of Shio. I don’t want her to stay at home alone” It’s like an excuse made from a little angel surely my father wouldn’t…

“Shiwa, I can stay home alone. It’s not a big problem. More importantly, you’re more clever than your peers. Your father wants to bring you to boast to other people. ” Mother! Please don’t go against me.

“W-what? I don’t want to bring her to boast but I also don’t want to leave you at home alone. What will I do if something happens to you?” father walked to mother and embraceed her.

“I will be fine here.” My mother is 6 months pregnant right now.

“I still want to stay with you even if it’s only one or two hours.”

“You idiot! Don’t speak like that in front of our child.”

“Onee-sama.” Shio look at me with confusing eyes.

My tasting bud is slowly dying with this sweetness. My mother’s stew, rice, even water was tasting so sweet right now. Even an ant wanted to plead for their life.


Got me out of here.

In the end, I still ended up at the palace.

It’s really hard being a child. The point was that I don’t have the power to decide anything for myself. I lightly signed as I sitting across from my father in a carriage. My father wished for me to debut in society. If I acted reluctantly, it would only make my father distress.

Being a child was so depressed.

But being stubborn was even more troublesome.

“Shiwa, do you get a car sickness? your expression isn’t good” Father asked in a worry tone.

“N-no, I’m just has a little headache.”

“We are near there so endure it for a bit.”


I was having a headache because we are near the palace!

It didn’t matter anyway. If I Just stayed away and not involving too much, it should be okay.

If it was only like that. sign…

I was sure that my father would bring me to introduce to other royals. After that, they would talk about an engagement. It’s a normal thing and they’re most likely to get a mutual benefit. The method to get a power without shedding any blood was through a marriage. No matter how much my father loved me. Others would have the power to changed any decision.

Because of that, …we’re calling this ’socialize’, wasn’t it?

The carriage stopped before a large gate. Even the atmosphere was telling me that this is the palace. This place was both breathtaking and uncomfortable at the same time. The door was made of redwood engraved with a pure gold. To the side of the door was a rose garden lining with beautiful marble statues.
The palace was the exactly like the one in my world. Umm…I should act a little more excited. It’s my first time after all.

“Wow…The palace is very beautiful” I smiled.

“If Shiwa like the palace, I will bring you here more often” I didn’t think so, father!

“but…I like being at home more.”

“Haha, that’s right our house is still the best.”

My father patted my head affectionately. If I wasn’t born as his children, then I was going to fall for him so hard especially because of his smile. Umm, my father was really dangerous.
When we arrived at the gate, My father took a hold of my hand and helped me getting off of the carriage. The palace’s maid guided us to the tea party. Even the interior was as equally as the outside. When we arrived at the garden in the back of the palace. Every eye turned to stare at us.

“Tiare-sama, I don’t think that you would come today. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

This man cames to greet my father instantly. He looked like he’s in his middle-aged. His silver hair was a proof of a royalty with red eyes the same shade as blood. I had already known from his attire that this person was the king of the vampire.

He came with another gorgeous woman with black hair, light red eyes, red lip and radiating pale skin. I was certain she was the queen of the vampire.

“Good morning to you, King Milor. It’s your invitation How can I refuse this?”

“Haha…but you have already refused me for two times. Oh, is this child youe daughter?” He stared down at me due to the difference in our height.

“Good morning to you. My name is Shiwa Garnet. It’s my honor to meet both of you, king Milor and queen Marita.” I lowered my head and gave a curtsey.

“Umm…you really are beautiful just like your mother.” The king tenderly smile at me and The queen looks at me with adoring eyes.

“I heard from the others that your daughter is very clever than her peers. Those tutors are all praising her saying that she finished learning each subject in only one week.” You praised too much. Did you want to make me engaged with your son!?

“Really, you are really clever. I hope my son is doing good just like you. Oh! Why don’t you two get to know each other?”

N-no, It wasn’t good at all!

But I couldn’t say it.

“I-it will be my pleasure.”

“Luler! This child. He sneaks off to his room again. Can you bring him back here, Marita?”

“Of course, you can go eating snack waiting for me there.” The queen turn to my side and smile down at me then turn her back walking toward a door.


If I want to tell you that I’m relieved, will I have a thunder striked down at me?

My father was an important guest, so many people came to greet him. Minutes pass by, The queen still doesn’t come out from the palace. My worry slowly lightened up. I guessed he didn’t want to come to this party.

Good for me!

“Shiwa…I have a son around your age.”

“Wouldn’t you come and play with my son?”

“We have a party at our estate tomorrow.”

I smiled so much that I can’t feel my cheek anymore, but to my horror, they don’t even care. All I can see behind their mask was greed. They wanted to use me as a ladder to climb up the hierarchy. I started to feel uncomfortable with this people.

“I’m not feeling good right now. Can I go to my father, please?” I didn’t even know I had been standing so far from my father because of these people, and I couldn’t see my father anywhere.

They didn’t want to let me go, but when I stepped out myself, they back out reluctantly. If I couldn’t go back to my father then I would be surrounded again, so I hid in the rose garden near the party.

“I really thought I will die” I turned to hide in a rose bush which was taller than me.
Well, I would take a breather here then went back to the party. I didn’t even know where my father was after he abandoned me, and then went to god-know-where. I would complain about this to my mother!


Hmm…sound like I stepped on something?

I lifted my foot by instinct and looked down at the spot.
A human…No way.

More likely a demon. I couldn’t see his face, but our age should be around the same because our body is similar in size. The bush covers us perfectly but…
Why wasn’t he moving? It’s almost a minute. I stepped on him very hard! He should at least twitch.


I was trying to call out to this person in front of me but to no avail. I was trying to think in a medical way, even when we were in deep sleep, if there’s a force acting upon you, your neuron would stimulate your brain and woke you up in the process. except…

Wait for a minute!

Was this person d-dead!?

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  1. Don’t worry that guy’s not dead, he’s undead ha ha ha…get it?…get it?……………………I’m sorry, I’ll just go over there in the dark corner and keep my mouth shut.


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