Villain heal chapter 21

I have insomnia as of late. I once had this when I'm eighteen years old but to think that It would follow me even in this new life. I'm only ten years old, you know... I only want to sleep. I hope I would be someday. I walk up to the sound of something moving … Continue reading Villain heal chapter 21


Villain heal chapter 20

I hadn't seen Teo at all during breakfast. When I saw him again, he's standing in front of his classroom waiting for Luler. His eyes never leave Akane's face. How can a child make a scary face like that all the time? "I will wait for you, Shiwa." "Ah...Let's go, Akane." I nudge her to … Continue reading Villain heal chapter 20

Villain heal chapter 18

"Shiwa, this's your paper." "Shiwa, come to the restroom with me." "Shiwa, don't you dare disappear when it's time for the break!" "Shiwa!!" Please leave me alone... I have to bear with her clingy personality for this entire morning. Though I'm a little confused about this, she seems to count me as her friend. "Shiwa! … Continue reading Villain heal chapter 18

Villain heal chapter 16

Right now...I was facing a problem. My peace was being disturbed... "I finally found you!!! You have to apologize for insulting me!" Yes... I was being pestered by my colleague as a villainess. The matter in the bath greatly displeasing her so she followed me everywhere nagging for my apology. so what!? I also had … Continue reading Villain heal chapter 16