Villain heal chapter 24

Teo’s story

“Teo, she is the princess of the fox kingdom. Her name is Akane.”

My parents bring a girl and introduce her to me today. She has a vibrant red hair, golden eyes but what catching my eyes the most is her fluffy ears and tail. How can she live with this massive ears and tail!?

“It’s nice to meet you, prince Teo”

“Fufu~You can call him by his name. We are going to be a family after all. We should get familiar with each other~.” My mother is grinning from ear to ear just like those time when she talked to nobles.

“G-good morning, Teo.”


I already know the reason why we are engaged. It’s to end this war.

We have been fighting for a long time and us, wolf kingdom, are going to win soon. Why do they want to end the war at this time? It’s because they are a coward. How can we be at peace with this marriage? I don’t want to marry this girl just because of political reasons.

No way!

But…I don’t have a final say in this. I ponder on a plan and that’s to act indifferently toward her. She will surely burst into tears and run back to call this engagement off. But so far…she hasn’t shed a single tear by whatever I do.

She tries to get close to me every day. Akane always has interesting ideas to catch my attention.

Don’t get close to me too much especially those twitching ears and tail. It makes me uncomfortable and I has an urge to squeeze them…

W-who wants to squeeze her ears!? I don’t want to touch her!!!

Not in a million years!

I saw her with a pink haired girl with a doll-like face lately. Has she found a friend already? It’s a good thing because she won’t bother me anymore.

What? I’m not lonely.

many people line up to be my friend.

I’m not lonely at all.

I’m in class one. This number is really suited for a person like me. The number one is for a leader, right?

I choose to sit at the center of the room near a boy who I already met at the banquet in the vampire castle. He is prince Luler. He looks like a compose and level-headed person. Due to his cold personality like this makes it hard to get close to him. But…I do not care about that.

“Hello, prince Luler. Do you remember me?”

“Oh…You are…”

“That’s right, It’s me!”

“Who are you?”

He tilts his head and looks blankly at me. It’s like he had already deleted his memories of me from his brain. Is he saying the truth or this is only his joke!? Are you serious!? I’m the prince of wolf kingdom! I will make him remember my name. He shouldn’t forget a person like me!

He finally tells me that he remembers me. Do you see it? There’s no way that he would forget this great me.

I just know later that the pink-haired girl is Luler’s fiancee. Luler even waits for her to eat lunch together himself. They look really close to each other.
I also have to sit with Akane. I don’t really want to offend Luler as he’s really smitten with his fiancee to some extent.

Her name is Shiwa. She is the oldest daughter of the famous Garnet house. They must be forced to engage just like my situation. Why do they act so normal? Don’t they find this strange?

“Luler, why do you look comfortable with your fiancee so much?” I ask him during the time when we wait for our teacher.

“Why do you ask about Shiwa?” His eyes become dark all of a sudden like he wants to curse me with his eyes. I don’t want to steal your fiancee from you! Don’t make a face like that!

“N-nothing, I just want to ask you that don’t you feel strange to have someone forced you to engage like this?”

“I don’t like it when someone forces me to do something like that but…”


“To feel bad with a person that you don’t know anything of, It would be too cruel.”


There isn’t any subtle meaning behind what he said judging from the tone of voice he uses, but that alone seems to pierce my heart. Our teacher comes in after Luler finished that sentence. I can’t concentrate on studying as I have another thing to think about.

Am I a cruel person?

Akane is avoiding me now without any reason. Luler also looks sad as he didn’t eat lunch with his fiancee. Normally, he isn’t the type to show his emotion easily but he looks really sad this time.

Why did she avoid me like this? She used to run to me all this time.

Today, she is eating with two good-looking boys that I don’t know! They are also an incubus! Does she go after those two boys this time!? She should realize that we are still engaged! It was inconsiderate of her to act like this to me.

I unconsciously grab her because of my rage. It’s my intention to make her cry out and call this engagement off but when it’s happened…

I don’t want to let her go…I want to make her cry a lot more than this.

Her ears and tail are too soft for my liking. I can’t stop myself to squeeze on them. Why do this things feel so fluffy? Even if she cries, I will keep squeezing them. Ah…my prey is running away from me. I prepare to run after my prey but something suddenly appears from a bush and lands a heavy blow at my stomach almost knocking the wind out of me.

It’s a good thing that the area around my stomach is hard.

“What the…” Shiwa flips her pink hair and follows Akane into the building.

“I never get punch by her like that…” Luler sighs with a sorrowful expression.

Wait…Why do you want to get punch?

I hurriedly follow her but I don’t see Akana anywhere. I see Shiwa sitting in class three. I make a beeline for her to ask Akane whereabout. Luler already appears beside her.

“Heh? You want to see that girl, might I add, whom you made her cry? Why?”

“ํYou don’t have to speak like that just tell me where is she?”

“Ah…I don’t want to tell you. Do you have something to exchange with me?”


“It’s called an exchange. If you agree to exchange with me then I will tell you her whereabouts.”


I don’t like the look in her eyes at all. She shouldn’t pull
anything funny on me because we are standing right in front of Luler here.

“Then what do you want?”

“I really feel uncomfortable sitting in this chair.”

“I will get you a new chair.”

“No, another chair is the same.”

“What do you want me to do?”

“Can you become my chair? I will tell you where she is.”


My eyes almost popped out of their sockets! Does she want to use my back as her chair!? That’s insane! I’m the prince here and I have to do this in front of many people.

but…she knows where Akane is.

I bite my lip.


“Ufufu~ This’s what we called a real man, in this case, a real boy~”

Seeing her grin make me annoyed but I have to do this even if It’s so
embarrassing. I have a feeling that she is testing me right now.

Luler pulls her chair away and I slowly kneel down on my four. The weight that she put on can’t be compared to an embarrassment that I’m feeling right now.

“Ara~ This chair is really comfortable to sit on. My body has ached a lot because of that chair so It really thanks to you, Prince Teo, to help ease my pain.” You witch! Just wait till It’s my turn!!

“Are you satisfied?”

“It’s so-so. Why do you hate Akane so much? I really want to know your reason.”

“I don’t hate her but we will know the result of our war soon. Who wants to marry an enemy?”


“ํYou are really childish.”


“That’s the reason why you should marry. Are you this blood-thirsty since this young?”

“A strong man can have everything…”

“A war never gives anything to you even if you have a mountain of gold, you can’t revive those lifeless bodies that lies on a battlefield. Is that what you called a victory? Don’t you think you are treading on a bloodstain path just to achieve that victory? Are you satisfied with that?”


“She may not be the brightest pea in the pod but she knows the best that a war will only bring us losses.”


“Don’t be too cruel to her. She isn’t that different from you.”


“You should say that to Akane. She is in the first-aid room. Don’t forget to use a cold pack to press on her swelling eyes!”

Shiwa stands up from my back. Is this her way to tell me that It’s okay to meet Akane?

“You don’t have to tell me because I already know it!”

I run straight to the first-aid room. Maybe I have to rethink about this engagement.

This time, I will use my feeling to think it through.


“I hope I did the right thing.” Shiwa’s gaze follows him until he’s out of her sight. She feels relieved right now.

“Shiwa, Are you feeling uncomfortable sitting in that chair?” He asks her with a worrying tone.

“Umm…A little.”

“Then I will…”

“Don’t do that and give me my normal chair.”

Shiwa tells Luler whose face is blushing red. He is trying to kneel down on his four but stopped by Shiwa just in time.

The class is about to start. How can I let my teacher see me sitting on the prince’s back!?

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  1. Ha he’s got ore-sama disease, ah well, get friend-zoned for a fee years til after you graduate that ought to put you in the right state of mind.


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