Villain heal chapter 32

"A spy?" "That's right, we have to go right now." "Wait for a minute, don't you have to eat with prince Luler?" As if hearing someone calls his name, Luler and Teo appear. They are really close to each other lately but I don't want anyone else to know the problem about Bella. "Luler, Akane … Continue reading Villain heal chapter 32


Villain heal chapter 31

I bring this little angel to the cafeteria. I don't know if she's vegetarian or not but her eyes get sparkling every time when she's looking at meat dishes so I think It's okay. "You can come here anytime and order anything that you like." "I can come here anytime?" "That's right. Because you are … Continue reading Villain heal chapter 31

Villain heal chapter 23

Akane's story "Akane, you are the princess of fox kingdom. You mustn't forget that you only live for our citizens." "You can't let anyone trample on our pride." "You are the pureblood white fox so you can't anyone tarnish your blood." The members of the royal family always say something along this line. They say … Continue reading Villain heal chapter 23